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Executive Outplacement Services

CareerSoar Executive Outplacement Services Package Outline

One to twelve months duration

This program combines the depth of the more traditional “outplacement” programs with critical personal and professional growth and development. In our business world today, it is not good enough to provide job search skills only. Executives must learn about business relationships, understand why they behave the way they do in those relationships, and how that behavior impacts other people. They need to know how to manage change and become more effective leaders in their new organization. The one-on-one Personal Assessment Consultation, supported by state of the art web-based assessment and career transition tools, directs the executive to a new career opportunity with a high expectation of success.

CareerSoar, upon receiving confirmation of the separation time and nature of the executive’s position, will collaborate with the designated HR representative and exit manager to assess the situation online or personally, and ensure that the exit manager can effectively conduct and deliver the separation notification meeting in an appropriate corporate but still person-focused manner. CareerSoar will select the most qualified career transition counselor to first contact the executive for counseling support and to assess reaction, being alert for unusual signs of stress. Thereafter, CareerSoar personnel will counsel the executive on the next steps and how to fully access his/her counseling program, including all web-based technology.


  1. Personalized career transition counseling assistance relating to all aspects of re-employment for not less than one month to a maximum of twelve months, addressing the following, as required:
    • Assess job related strengths and weaknesses, career/personal aspirations and goals, and overall skills and abilities;
    • Assess how they manage, how they like to be managed, and their ideal corporate culture. Web-based career and personal assessment tools will be utilized, including a Self Confidence Audit, Organization Culture Survey, and Position Profile Survey.
    • In-depth career planning and assistance, including entrepreneurial considerations, so as to develop realistic, achievable professional goals to establish a direction for the future. Entrepreneurial alternatives would include what are you going to do and how are you going to do it, consulting, buying a franchise, buying an established business, home-based business, the business plan and legal framework considerations;
    • In-depth financial planning and benefits replacement counseling;
    • Interviewing skills;
    • Position search strategy;
    • Review of unemployment rules and application guidelines;
    • Stress management and self-confidence development;
    • Review development of tools for position search strategy and planning;
    • Discuss career plans and give counsel on strategy advising of possible pitfalls;
    • General counsel on business considerations;
    • General discussion and interaction to encourage planning and organizing career continuance. Password-provided, Web-based technology to organize job search, including Calendar Function, E-mail Function, Contact Manager, Correspondence Tracking and Filing Function, along with career research tools and resources.
  2. Detailed individual administrative support to professionally prepare and package resumes, personal profiles, cover letters, and reference and other marketing documents.
  3. Executive Development Assessment package for career development/re-development.
  4. Resume and Profile preparation and analysis.
  5. Access to password-protected “Intranet” areas to utilize proprietary online search technology and career counseling library.
  6. Internet research assistance available to support online search activity.
  7. Career counseling services available to spouse at no additional charge.
  8. Executive Mentor is assigned, if interested.

For more information concerning our executive outplacement services and pricing, please call us at (845) 235-9233 or e-mail us at

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