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Professional Effectiveness Training

Personal Effectiveness Training

R-E-S-P-E-C-T and Understanding of Yourself and Others

Through the completion of a self-scored instrument, gain a better perspective of yourself and others. This workshop will be presented in a non-adversarial atmosphere conducted in a series of lectures and interactive problem-solving activities.

Objectives of the DISCernment Inventory is to:

  • Identify specific personality strengths
  • Identify possible weaknesses
  • Build interpersonal skills
  • Improve understanding, collaboration, and team effectiveness.

Qualities of a Solid Relationship include:

  • Trust - of your character and your competence
  • Respect
  • Acceptance
  • Understanding
  • Courtesy/sincerity
  • Mutual accountability.

Principles of Personal Effectiveness include:

  • Everyone has strengths.
  • Everyone has weaknesses.
  • Everyone is more effective in some situations and less effective in others.
  • Personal effectiveness is determined by matching strengths against the demands of a specific situation.

Workshop can be presented in a half-day session or offered in conjunction with other workshops and courses.

For more information about this program, or to learn more about how this material can be presented within your organization, contact us at (845) 235-9233, or e-mail us at


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